Year: 2014-2015

"It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men”

– Frederick Douglass


                    The Mayiliragu Foundation launched a "Children’s Reading Club" for school children with the goal of instilling reading habits in them. In the first phase, 40 students from the sixth grade at  St Mary's School in Madurai were taught the value of reading, as well as how to improve their reading skills. Everyone eagerly participated in the interactive session, which included activities and games. Students' reading abilities improved to the point where they could read one book per month. This was a great accomplishment and encouragement for us to continue further.

Year: 2015-2016



                 Listening to people who read a lot, is equivalent to reading a thousand books at once. Recognizing this, the Mayiliragu Foundation, in collaboration with the “ Meenakshi Mission Hospital” in Madurai, organised a programme called "Udale Nalama" that focused on health care and how to care of one's own body. The fact that this once-a-month event has benefited not only readers, but also illiterate people is a great accomplishment for the Mayiliragu Academy.

Year: 2016-2017

"Without Knowledge, action is useless. Knowledge without action is futile”

– Abu Bakr



                To make sure that we do not stop at just reading, Mayilaragu Foundation launched a programme called " My Toilet, My Right" in collaboration with the Government of India's " Swach Bharat Abhiyan." We not only raised awareness about toilet cleaning among rural residents, but we also went to over eight villages with over sixty volunteers to assist them in cleaning the toilets. It was one of the most memorable moments in the Foundation's history.

Year: 2017-2018


"Leaders don't create followers; they create more leaders.

– Tom Peters



               Mayiliragu Foundation believes that a good leader is the future of the country and therefore was involved in the effort to develop future leaders in colleges. The #LDP ( Leadership Development Program) programme was introduced to more than 50 NSS students at the  Thiagarajar Arts College in Madurai in the first phase. A four-day seminar led by experts from various fields was organised to assist participants in identifying their strengths and skill sets, as well as exercises to help them develop leadership skills.

              It is a source of great pride for us that many of these students volunteered to join our Foundation.

Year: 2018-2019



               The problem of " unemployment" is worsening by the day. Young people who have the potential to make India a superpower is committing suicide. According to alarming statistics, 1.93 lakh young people have committed suicide because of unemployment in the last two years. Mayiliragu Foundation launched the " Mayiliragu Academy” decided to take charge of the situation and is currently running the following three types of programmes to try and correct the situation. 

  • Free Competitive Exam Coaching Center
  • Skill Developing & Vocational Training
  • Entrepreneur Empowerment

           Taking up the slogan " Government jobs are no longer difficult for the poor," we teamed with coaching centres for competitive examinations to fulfil our mission of " One government employee for every household." We began with baby steps, doing our best to assist. We donated books and took other initiatives and thus started the journey towards turning our dreams into reality. 

Year: 2019-2020



                 The 28th of September 2019, is a significant date in the history of Mayiliragu Foundation. To honour the dream of government service for rural youth and the poor, training classes for government exams were launched in the name of “ Mayiliragu Academy” at Karur Rayanoor. The Hon’ble Minister of Transport, Tamil Nadu, presided over the building's opening and congratulated our efforts. Mayiliragu Academy's dream journey began with 15 students.

                With the support of people, the training classes went well. Our class size grew from 15 to 30 students.

           The primary goal of Mayiliragu Academy is to provide quality training and guidance to economically disadvantaged students. As we continued our journey, many good humanitarians came forward to support our cause, and as a result, on December 1, 2019, the academy's second branch opened on the 2nd floor of Sunshine Tower, near Karur Amravati Hospital. The second branch was inaugurated in the presence of our Hon'ble Minister of Transport, Tamil Nadu and Mr. Atlas Nachimuthu of Karur a prominent businessman exalted by his hard work. Mayiliragu academy is striving towards the lofty goal of placing at least 100 students in government jobs by every year. 

Special Features of Mayiliragu Academy 

  • Complete coverage of syllabus.
  • Regular evaluation and feedback.
  • Techniques to improve memory.
  • Support with timetabling and scheduling a study plan.
  • Library service with quality study materials.
  • Intraction wth candidates who have cleared the exams.
  • Instant notification of competitive examinations.