One page of history is written for every human being born in this world. It is up to you to make that page visible to the rest of the world.

-APJ Abdul Ka​​​​​​​lam

We are all aware that education is an essential part of human life. However, today, education is viewed solely as a means of obtaining grades and earning money. A group of youngsters with a strong desire to change this situation, founded the "Mayiliragu Foundation" on June 12, 2014. Together with good people, we strive to cultivate responsible leaders and people who will work to make the next generation's world and society better.

Join us! Let’s make a difference together! 


"When the door to one library opens, the doors of a thousand prisons are closed.”

  • Setting up a home library in every household
  • Developing responsible leaders.
  • Providing a safe and secure society for our children.



" Bow your head and look at me, I will force you to walk upright.


  •  Instilling the habit of reading in everyone.
  •  Getting the younger generation off new types of drugs like cell phones and computers
  •  Creating a minimum of one government employee per household

Goals for Mayiliragu Foundation:


  1.  Build excellent libraries in all government schools in karur.
  2.  Assist poor students with scholarships and aspirational students with guidance for higher education.
  3.  Start a “Readers Club” that emphasizes the importance of reading.
  4.  Organize competitions to promote talents of students in academics and other fields, and award prizes.
  5.  Offer free evening classes in all villages as part of the "Study Evening" Program.
  6.  Set Up a programme called "Vazhikatti" with the goal of inspiring students to pursue their life goals and become successful in life.
  7.  Support 100 students every year to get government jobs to achieve the mission,'One government employee for every household'.